Athens | The Benefits of Olive Oil Soap

Walking around Athens' central market recently, we were excited to find shopkeeper's with street-side shelves stacked high with traditional Greek olive oil soaps.

Since ancient times, the Greeks have taken advantage of the skin-softening benefits of this 'miracle oil'. Containing both Vitamin A and E (as well as other good antioxidants), olive oil soap is a potent protector, moisturiser and cleanser, contributing to smoother, more elastic skin.

Hands holding soap

With a lower pH than most commercial soaps, it cleans skin without stripping away the natural oils, and is hypoallergenic too, making it a suitable natural cleanser for those with sensitive or dry skin. Unlike some other soaps that have harsh chemical foaming agents, toxins, petroleum oil or animal fats added to them, which can dry and irritate the skin, olive oil soap is mild.

We only brought back what we could carry in our luggage and really wanted to test the product properly before stocking it, so there's not a huge amount of stock, but we're working on finding a regular supplier so that we can sell this stuff all the time. One upside is that olive oil soap is hard, and lathers minimally, so the bars tend to last a long time. Shop here.