A snapshot of Athens in May

Mid may, a few weeks back now, we attended the wedding of our good friends Celia and Marios. It was a beautiful, casual ceremony on a hilltop in Marios' hometown, Athens. I had been to Athens once before very briefly and despite most people I'd mentioned it to telling me that Athens was a horrible, dirty tourist trap I had the absolute opposite experience. I wanted to show Jess how great Athens could be provided you make your way off the beaten path.

We decided to get a motorbike and explore. To be honest, it was a scooter not a motorbike. A white 150 of Chinese descent with 'retro styling', cream and cherry-red moulded plastic body work and a jazzy top box for storage. Perfect for our needs.

We rode that scooter from the centre of Athens, down to the water, and then slowly all the way along the coast road over the course of a day, ending at the temple of Poseidon. Here are a few pictures from our trip. 

Athens skyline

Athens food truck at the beach

 Small rocky bay

Two ladies in the water



Washing the plane

Abandoned airport, Athens


Seaside restaurant

Empty plates



Hallway detail