Billingsgate fish market | A snapshot


This morning I woke up at 4am and rode to London's Billingsgate fish market, the UK's largest inland fish market which covers 13 acres and serves London's hospitality industry. In the lead-up to a shoot we're doing that's based around sustainable seafood, I thought I'd brave the early morning and see what I could find. The answer is everything. Very sustainable seafood, very unsustainable seafood. I ended up buying oysters (both Cornish native and Maldon varieties), razor clams and a bag of mussels (touted as the worlds most sustainable protein source). Looks like we're going to have a pretty seafood heavy week. Here are a few snaps I took at the market.


Billingsgate Market red snapper

  Billingsgate market stall holder

Billingsgate market men

Billingsgate market crabs

Billingsgate market fish vendor

Billingsgate market stall

Billingsgate market man and fish stall

Billingsgate market stall

Billingsgate market crab and lobster

If you'd like to go to the market yourself, here's the address... and even their fax number if you feel like sending them a message from the 1980s!

Billingsgate Market
Trafalgar Way
E14 5ST

Tel: 020 7987 1118
Fax: 020 7987 0258