Sphaera | A Thing or Two About Soap


Sphaera artisan soap is lovingly made with pure plant oils, butters and milks by New Zealand-based soap-maker Ali Johnson.

Her recipes have been formulated with great care, balancing and combining ingredients known for their beneficial properties. Each bar uses naturally occurring fine clays and is enriched with essential oils to cleanse, renew and nourish your skin whilst providing the most delightful bathing experience for your senses.

Ali uses the traditional cold process method of making soap – all blends are made in small batches, poured, cut and finished by hand before being slow-cured for several weeks. This technique yields a true soap, preserving the cleansing and moisturising properties of each pure ingredient. 

Store your unopened bar in a dry environment out of direct sunlight. Soap does not have an expiry date, however some of the surface scent will fade eventually. It likes to drain and dry between uses, so using a soap dish is ideal.

Sphaera soap is gentle and safe, kind to both sensitive skins and our beautiful planet.

We currently stock Sphaera's wild mint with French green clay & coconut milk, sea salt & coconut oil with jojoba and bamboo charcoal, and the citrus & poppy seed exfoliating bar


A Note on Ingredients

Sphaera soap is comprised of plant oils and butters and other natural ingredients. It is free from all the nasties – no parabens, sulphates, mineral oil, synthetic dyes, or perfumes. It contains organic ingredients and sustainably sourced palm oil – both cruelty free and vegan.

Olive oil | A traditional soap-making ingredient for a very gentle cleanse, the base of all bars.

Coconut oil | Known for its many skin benefits, this makes a long lasting soap with a great lather.

Castor Oil | Organic and cold pressed, this oil is very moisturising and makes beautiful bubbles.

Shea Butter | Rich in vitamins A, E, and F, shea butter moisturises and smooths skin whilst also reducing inflammation. One of our favourite ingredients.

Palm Oil | Palm oil makes beautiful soap but is often produced at a terrible environmental cost. Sphaera use only organic, sustainably-farmed palm oil in an effort to support the improvement of this troubled industry. Their oil comes from the Daabon group who support small farmer collectives and are fair-trade and certified by the RSPO SCCS across their entire supply chain.

Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) | This creates the chemical reaction needed to saponify the oils and turn them into soap. It is completely converted in the process, with none left in the finished soap bar.

Coconut and Almond Milk | These rich nut milks create the soaps’ beautiful creamy lather and are very nourishing for the skin.

Sodium Lactate | A naturally occurring liquid salt. When used in small amounts in a soap recipe, it hardens the bar and allows more moisturising oils to be used.

Activated Bamboo Charcoal and Natural Clay | The charcoal powder and fine clays used give the bars their beautiful colours and add wonderful cleansing benefits, absorbing oil, dirt, and toxins whilst gently balancing oily or dry skin.

Essential oils | The Sphaera bars are scented with real essential oils ­– the fragrant and therapeutic essences of plants. Each bar has a unique, hand-blended fragrance made using botanical perfumery techniques.