Greetings and Salutations

Welcome to our website & store. We thought we should probably tell you what this site is for and why we built it.

There are two of us behind Salutations, Charlie, a photographer & art director, and Jess, a set designer. We both love to cook. For both work and pleasure, we endlessly search for beautiful, functional objects so that we have the right things to hand when we have a shoot or a dinner party. Salutations was born from this love of searching and collecting. Being able to sell things that we've found, made and asked other people to make allows us to continue to collect, and it feels good to know that people will be enjoying our products.

We both also make things by hand, for fun. Jess does things with textiles; weaving, sewing, dyeing & knitting, Charlie is part of a ceramics collective called Clay Collective. Salutations is an outlet for both of us to keep making, and to connect with the community of makers around us.

The site is made up of three sections - a shop, a journal and a collection of recipes.
The journal comes first in the process. This is where we document the commissioning and making of pieces, the trips we go on, nice things and people we think are worth talking about, and generally good things that we want our friends to read about.

The recipes section is another repository for good ideas. For one reason or another, most of the people we are friends with and spend most of our time with are people who either work in or around the hospitality industry. The type of people who don't stop talking about the great dishes they've made, the great restaurants they've been to or even just the little food and drink tricks they've learnt. We want to document these ideas, so every now and then (hopefully every couple of weeks) we'll meet up with one of those friends and shoot a recipe. It could be anything from a simple three ingredient assembly to a full menu. We shoot the recipes using the product we sell so that customers get an idea of how those products feel when in use and also so that the makers of the products and the writers of the recipes get nice images of their work.

Finally the shop. The idea is to sell the things that we've always found hard to source. Simple, well made products that should, if treated well, stay with you for a very long time. We will never sell something for the sake of just having more options in our shop. Each product is carefully selected and tested.

It would be rude not to thank all of the amazing craftspeople who have entertained our demands for product and have supplied us with top notch wares, and to our lovely friend Elspeth who built this site based on our designs. She has been very skilled, patient and has put up with us showing classic client characteristics like making decisions and then changing our minds about those decisions at a point where a bunch of work has to be tweaked. We're very grateful.

Thanks for stopping by and having a look. We're just starting out, so if you see anything that doesn't work or doesn't make sense, let us know. Our email address is
Jess and Charlie