Paring knife
Paring knife

Paring knife


With a hand-sharpened and stamped carbon steel blade, and rounded wooden handle, this is a great little paring knife, made with care by the Pallarès family in the small town of Solsona, just outside Barcelona. 


19cm knife, 9.5cm blade

Made in Solsona, Spain 


Care: Carbon steel is harder than stainless steel and will hold its edge longer before needing to be sharpened, but it does require a bit of care and attention. Always remember to dry directly after washing (never in the dishwasher!), as carbon steel will rust when it remains wet. Carbon steel will also develop a lovely patina over time, something we love about these knives! We sharpen ours with a 1000/6000 wet stone. 



Made by

Pallarès Solsona